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Eyes of Jakob
Look into those eyes
Look into those lonely eyes
The eyes that have seen
What no words can express
The eyes that are bottomless pits
Filled with fear and horror
But also with strength and courage
Dear Jakob, you wonder why men must suffer
You wonder why it had to be you
Your cry out to Yahweh with tears in those eyes
But you're too beaten to even weep
You lie in the death filled stillness of the night
With the stench of pain looming all around you
And you wonder why men must suffer
When the sun wakes
You must be strong for Chiam
You are all he has left
And he gives you one reason to keep living
You long for the day when you can laugh together
You long for the day when you can laugh
The screams torment your mind
The helpless groans eat away at your soul
But there's nothing you can do
Pray, Jakob, pray for Chiam
Pray for your people,
Pray with all your heart Jakob,
With your last drop of strength
Yahweh is there, He's listening.
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Still No Change by TheScreamingEmoBoy Still No Change :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 1 1 The Simplicity of Beauty by TheScreamingEmoBoy The Simplicity of Beauty :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 1 1 ??? by TheScreamingEmoBoy ??? :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 0 0
Crimson Beauty
a thick scarlet flood, pouring from his veins
only his blade tastes the crimson stream
red... such a beautiful color, expressing love, passion, anger, pain, and even death
can there exist a more appropriate color for blood?
how exquisite and graceful when blood dances to the ground
how simple and pure a single drop
how much must be shed before we realize just how precious it really is?
:iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 0 2
I Want
I want... be a legend
              be a hero be remembered
              achieve greatness love and be loved
              give what I can help those who need it
              gain wisdom be strong for the weak
              be the eyes for the blind be the voice for the oppressed
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Evilicious stare by TheScreamingEmoBoy Evilicious stare :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 0 0 Electric Raindrops by TheScreamingEmoBoy Electric Raindrops :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 0 2 Music From Rusted Memories by TheScreamingEmoBoy Music From Rusted Memories :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 0 2 Brilhante by TheScreamingEmoBoy Brilhante :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 0 0 Holy Trinity by TheScreamingEmoBoy Holy Trinity :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 0 0 Brother and Sister by TheScreamingEmoBoy Brother and Sister :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 0 0 The Road Less Travelled by TheScreamingEmoBoy The Road Less Travelled :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 1 2 Blue Skies by TheScreamingEmoBoy Blue Skies :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 0 0 The World by TheScreamingEmoBoy The World :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 0 0 Fragile by TheScreamingEmoBoy Fragile :iconthescreamingemoboy:TheScreamingEmoBoy 1 1



United States
Current Residence: Somewhere in Lansdale, PA
Favourite genre of music: Any kind of rock, Emo, Screamo, Jazz, Oldies, any style really, 'cept Country and Techno, sorry!
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie and Quagmire
wow... school is raping me... so much freaking work to do... i hate it. i want to freak out, just scream and rave about wildly. this site used to be my home, something i took pleasure in, now, i just don't have time for it. i have a three page paper to write, then an eleven page paper, and i have SAT's to worry about along with the whole college thing. ::sigh::
I know i'm gonna love college when i get there, but i don't want to do all this crap beforehand, i don't want to fill out applications, visit colleges, or write essays. i mean it's my senior year and i want to enjoy it! I thought this was going to be the happiest year of my life, and i suppose it's close in comparison to past years, but ...i guess i just thought it'd be better than this... i promise i'll get new stuff up here soon....


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